28 Nov 2010

Food Champion

Congratulations go to Richard Bertinet, my own food hero,  who was awarded BBC Food Champion of the Year 2010 at the Food & Farming Awards held at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham.

Richard was nominated by listeners of Radio 4's Food Programme who were asked to pick an individual who had inspired them to think differently about food and who had used their work in the past 12 months to give fresh insights into the food we eat.  12  high profile judges including Angela Hartnett (Chair of Judges), Mark Hix, Charles Campion, Sheila Dillon (presenter of the Food Programme) and Rose Prince chose  the winners in each category.  Last year's winner was Nigel Slater.

Having been taught to bake bread by Richard myself I know how inspirational he is.  He currently runs a cookery school in the wonderful city of Bath where he is a hands on teacher and has recently published a new book called Cook.  One that is definitely on my Christmas list.

For anyone that would like to hear the awards ceremony it was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 26th November to listen on BBC iPlayer click Food and Farming Awards.

11 Nov 2010

Really Helpful

My lovely husband Chris bought me a cookery book at a market stall in Bridport, he knows I have a passion for them and indulges me occasionally.  This one is called The Really Helpful Cookbook and it is just that. It isn't new, if fact it was published in 2002 and somehow passed me by at the time.  Now it is out of print and I gather that Ruth Watson is hoping to have an updated version republished so, if her publishers are listening, just do it!  It's the sort of book that will always provide you with inspiration at the weakest of moments whatever the occasion.  Thank you Mrs Watson.

10 Nov 2010

Puddings and Pies

With Christmas looming it's time to prepare a few essentials.  Christmas pudding is not for everyone and I admit to finding it rather too rich myself however the tradition of the pudding brought flaming to the table is too good to deny.  In recent years the pudding which has proved the most popular at our table is a Nigel Slater recipe found in his Kitchen Diaries.  A lighter version which has met with universal approval.

There is not much that is light about a pudding or a pie but when it comes to fillings so you might be interested in a mincemeat which has no suet, it is lighter, quite delicious and very useful when you have vegetarians joining you for Christmas. Click here for the recipe.

For a delicious Nigel Slater recipie for Mincemeat Crumble click here http://bit.ly/a0eFxA.